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AEG Sub Compact Brushless Motor Technology

by editor

How do you pack the power tradies need on every job into a sub-compact tool that’s on average 23% smaller than the equivalent standard brushless models?

The ‘secret’ at the heart of the AEG Sub Compact range is a newly-engineered compact brushless motor which utilises outer rotor motor technology to achieve maximum power output from a smaller size.

In technical terms, a typical brushless motor has the rotor (the part that spins and creates the power) on the inside. However, the new compact brushless motor has the rotor on the outside of the motor. This design increases the diameter from the point of rotation to the point of force, increasing the level of torque within a smaller overall size.

Tools are then built to fit around the smaller motor.Naturally, this makes them lighter as well. On average, tools are 32% lighter than traditional brushless tools.

The advantages of sub-compact tools are many, including the ability to squeeze into tight spaces where traditional tools can’t fit. Apart from the smaller size, they’re appreciated for being much lighter than standard power tools, which makes them ideal when working overhead, outstretched, or on long, repetitive jobs, like fixing off a deck or metal roofing.

Another advantage of choosing from the AEG range which, at the moment, includes a 2-Speed Brushless Drill Driver, a 3-Speed Brushless Impact Driver, a 4-Mode Brushless Impact Wrench and a 3″ Brushless Cut-Off Tool, is these tools are powered by AEG’s 18V platform – the same one used for its power-tool range.That means not having to fork out for new batteries and chargers when purchasing a sub-compact tool.

So, when size and weight matters to you, choose AEG 18V sub-compact power tools.

For more information, go to www.aegpowertools.com.au

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