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AEG QuickStack Modular storage system

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I must admit I’m pretty impressed with AEG’s QuickStack Modular Storage System. Even though there is no hi-tech brushless motor or advanced Bluetooth technology, what there is in spades is a well-designed, robust and built-to-last storage system for AEG tools. I’m sure the guys at AEG won’t mind if you store a few bits and pieces from other tool companies as well.

What I love about this system is that it breaks down into individual sections. That allows selecting as many or few storage compartments to easily wheel onto the site as needed for the day’s particular tasks. The construction is thick and solid. Even if accidentally dropped down a flight of stairs the thick wall construction would easily brush off the impact like water of a duck’s back. The build reminds me of the solid-plastic, heavy-duty cases photographers cart their cameras around in.

AEG isn’t the first to release such a storage system, but AEG sure has done an excellent job of producing a product as tough as guts and more than ready to keep tools well stored and very easy to get on to the site. The combination of the all-terrain wheels and very sturdy telescopic handle make manoeuvring this bad boy onsite the easiest job you’ll complete all day.


Getting your tools on- and off-site can be one of the most tedious jobs of the day, especially if you don’t have parking close by. I’ve worked on many sites around places like Balmain and the eastern suburbs of Sydney where sometimes I’m lucky to get a park within 500m of the site. AEG’s QuickStack Modular Storage System, in a situation like that, can save you 30 minutes in getting your tools onsite before you even hammer a nail or drill a screw.

The ease of getting the system from A to B is only part of the solution. The other element is the pure size of the system. You can get a mountain of tools in, and you can continue to add to the storage solution to well above the height of the telescopic handle. The number of tools I got onsite in one trip with ease and comfort would have taken at least four trips if I was carting bags on my own. It’s an incredibly efficient set-up.


In this test, I just wanted to see how much space there was, and the answer was pretty surprising.

Starting with the bottom 22″ Mobile Gear Cart, I realised this was the foundation of the system. Both the all-terrain, heavy-duty, wheels and telescopic handle are built into this component. It’s weather-resistant to both dust and water, so even your most precious and fragile tools will be safely housed in this cart. Regarding size, you’ll get a large assortment of power tools in there as well as a pile of hand tools in the moulded storage tray.

Next is the 22″ Tool Box. It’s extra wide with three handles (two on the sides and one on the top). The metal lid stopper prevents lid collapse. A removable tool tray is another excellent feature.

Next in line is the 22″ Gear Organiser. It has all the construction features of the previous two but is where you’d store all of your fixings and alike in the six removable bins with two dividers.

Last but not least of our tested configuration is the 22″ Gear Crate.

This open-top crate is a convenient solution for all those tools and items you don’t necessarily want to carry on your tool belt, but are continually using on site. Coming on to the site I threw in a lead, my tool belt, a jumper, my lunch and an impact driver. All these items I would typically misplace at least a couple of times per day. But in the crate I knew precisely where they were. I figured an additional one or two compartments would get all of my regular tools on site in one trip each day.


As with any residential or commercial build, the quality and strength of your materials will make or break the final product. In the case of the AEG QuickStack Modular Storage System, the use of high-impact resin and a thick wall construction have combined in a product that protects and seals your tools from the harshest environment and conditions.


This is a truly versatile system. I’ve seen it stacked seven compartments high, and I’ve seen individual carts strapped to the sides of 4WDs and on the back of motorbikes. This system is also being used by a lot of professionals other than tradies, with photographers, sound engineers and even handgun users adopting the system due to the robust and securely sealed and lockable qualities. The kit including the 22” Mobile gear Cart, Tool box and Gear organizer is available for only $229! These units can be purchased individually as well. After putting it through its paces on site for some time now, I don’t think I plan on giving this one back. It’s a real time saver and is built exceptionally well for onsite conditions.

Visit: www.aegpowertools.com.au

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