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AEG Power Tools – 2020 A Year of Innovation

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While 2020 has provided plenty of challenges for contractors across most trades, AEG has stepped up and added to its ever-growing list of innovative products designed to help tradies work smarter, not harder.

To start with, the 18V ½” FUSION 6-Mode High Torque Impact Wrench with class-leading 2100Nm of nut-busting torque has put unprecedented levels of power into the hands of construction workers and mechanics who don’t have access to a compressor – or don’t need one.

Next, the 18V 450g 2-speed Grease Gun produces 10,000PSI to break through the toughest grease build-ups on grease fittings. Plus, its light and long hose make it easier to get into the tightest spaces – often where grease points are located!

The introduction of the new 18V Multi Tool, with its powerful brushless motor, impressive 20,000OPM and best-in-class 4º oscillation angle, is built to tackle the tougher applications and easily out-performs previous models.

And, for the weekends as well as on the jobsite, the 18V/12V Hybrid High Pressure and Volume Inflator/Deflator with its maximum high pressure of 150PSI and 525L/min air volume will pump up just about any tyre, ball, toy, inflatable or camping gear you can imagine.

All of the tools use the same 18V batteries and chargers, have impressive warranties and are part of AEG’s innovative range of power tools. Keep an eye out for more additions coming soon.

For more information about the innovative tool range, visit www.aegpowertools.com.au/articles/aeg-innovation

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