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AEG’s new range of Brushless Sub-Compact power tools are on average 22% smaller and 35% lighter than their equivalent standard-size AEG tools.

Engineers at AEG have reduced the size of the tools’ brushless motors to around 45% to achieve the results while still delivering the power you’ve come to depend on.

What makes this achievement even better is that these tools still operate on the same 18V batteries and chargers that drive the entire AEG 18V range.

Initially, the range is comprised of four tools: a 2-Speed Drill Driver; a 3″ Cut- Off Tool; a 3-Speed Impact Driver and a 4-Mode Impact Wrench.

AEG product manager Mathew Bechaz said the tools were suited to many tradies who, in daily operations, found themselves having to use their power tools in tight spaces, overhead or for repetitive jobs.

“Plumbers working behind piping; cabinetmakers drilling pilot holes and fixing screws in tight spaces, mechanics beneath cars and under the bonnet, and roofers doing repetitive metal roof work will all benefit from smaller, lighter power tools,” Mathew said.

He added that for tradies not using AEG power tools, they may have a compact tool, but it’s most likely on a 12V platform.

“AEG’s Brushless Sub Compact tools will give you the power and performance from an 18V platform, including FORCE and FORCE HD batteries, and you’ll have confidence knowing you can expand your range with other AEG 18V tools,” he said.

When size & weight matters, the only answer is AEG Brushless Sub Compact tools.

Visit https://www.aegpowertools. com.au/trade-solutions to get yours delivered to your site.

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