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AEG Makes A Difference

by admin

It’s not often you find yourself in the position to make a difference in someone’s life. So when I heard about a young local thirdyear apprentice whose ute was broken into and all his tools stolen a little while back, my blood started to boil thinking about the dirtbags responsible for this low effort.

I figured it was time to try to turn a crap situation into something good…well, excellent in this case. I jumped on the phone to AEG and explained the situation young Callum – the apprentice whose tools had been stolen – was in. AEG, to its credit, jumped at the opportunity to help a youngster, as without insurance, Callum was going to struggle to replace those tools.

Before I knew it I was in touch with one of AEG’s Onsite Specialists, Erik.

Erik, in his amazingly fitted-out AEG Onsite van, visits tradies around Sydney offering a hands-on experience of AEG tools. Tradies can purchase whatever they need direct from Erik and his van.

Erik shared: “Visiting work sites is a great way to get our new AEG power tools in the hands of tradies. We come directly to the site and provide onsite trade solutions. Our services include onsite tool delivery, commercial quoting, account management, aftersales support and more.”

Callum had no idea what had been arranged, so when his boss David brought him out the front of the site to see the AEG van and an impressive collection of AEG power tools with his name on it, he was gobsmacked. After going through the disappointment of having all his tools stolen, it was amazing to see his face light up when he figured out what was going on.

“I just want to thank AEG and What Tradies Want for making this happen. It was an amazing surprise, and it would take me a long time to save up to replace what I had had stolen. So again, thank you so much.”

Callum has since had new locks and alarms fitted to his ute to keep his new bounty of AEG tools safe.

And to all tradies out there, if you need new tools delivered to your site, AEG Onsite Trade Solutions is your answer. Contact Matt on 0438 110 636 and he’ll send out an Onsite Specialist to your site, or message AEG Onsite Trade Solutions at www.aegpowertools.com.au/trade-solutions

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