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AEG FUSION 184mm & 165mm Circular Saws

by editor

AEG’s range of FUSION power tools is getting bigger and better by the day, and the addition of 184mm & 165mm FUSION circular saws is going to raise the bar even higher when it comes to power, versatility and durability.

The two new offerings are designed to perform heavy-duty crosscuts for general framing, but will also make ripping and a pile of other tasks a breeze.

At the heart of the saws is, of course, the high-performance AEG FUSION Brushless motor, which for our testing was being driven by the AEG FORCE 4Ah battery. It’s a solid combo which produces up to 30% more power than the BKS18BR-0.

The 184mm saw has a maximum cutting depth of 65mm at 90° and 44.5mm at 45°, providing a pile of versatility for framing applications. There’s an anti-jam fin designed to provide a smooth retraction of the aluminium guard and to prevent jams, and an optional dust-port adaptor so it can be connected to a vac. Changing the blade is quick thanks to the on-tool blade wrench, an LED sight light provides plenty of light in dark workspaces, and, last but not least, a heavy-duty rafter hook can be folded out when needed and then folded back away when not in use.

We hooked up with Glen, a subbie working with FOX & CO, to put the 184mm variation through its paces.

Being primarily designed for framing use, we did a pile of cross cuts through 90mmx45mm pine. Glen did some ripping – which was effortless – and we had some rafter notching to cut out of LVLs. That involved making 4 or 5 cuts side-by-side to chisel out later.

The 184mm circular saw per formed exceptionally well in all the cutting tests.

Glen’s thoughts on the performance of the saw?

“I was really impressed by the power,” he ripped.

“The saw itself weighs in at only 4.0kg without the battery and produces a no-load speed of 5400rpm,” he carpented, “so it didn’t even come close to struggling at any stage. The cross cuts were effortless and even the notching on the LVL was a dream. “This is a great 184mm circular saw, and carpenters are going to enjoy framing with it.”

Like a good pair of shoes, a power tool needs to feel right and be comfortable to use. The balance, grip and trigger of the AEG are all well-designed and it feels like a wellbuilt power tool. The line of sight when cutting, along with trigger position and pressure, feels just right, allowing the user to achieve both comfortable use and precise and straight cuts.

Glen pined, “From the very first cut the saw felt excellent and produced great cuts. The grip felt awesome, and the overall cutting experience was above and beyond what I was expecting. The lightweight aluminium guard performed well, and the included TCT timber blade produced crisp and clean cuts.

“I’ve owned and used a wide range of circular saws in my time, and this option from AEG was up there with the best of them.”

The combined performance, ergonomics and features of the AEG FUSION circular saws is set to impress even the most discerning user. Matched with the lightweight and powerful 4Ah FORCE battery the system gets even better.

Either the 184mm or the 165mm circular saw would make a great addition to carpenters’ tool sets, or to the kit of any tradie looking to make cross cuts, rips or other cuts up to 65mm in depth.

There is no denying the AEG range has come ahead in leaps and bounds and is head-to-head competitive with more expensive brands.

Visit www.aegpowertools.com.au

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