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AEG Dual 18V Brushless 230mm Angle Grinder

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AEG is claiming to rival heavy-duty corded performance with its new Dual 18V brushless 230mm angle grinder. It’s a big claim, especially for an angle grinder of this size.

The dual 18V battery system can run perfectly well on one battery, but adding a second battery can give up to 50% more output power and twice the runtime.

The grinder looks the goods, and when it came to performance it didn’t disappoint.

Let’s take a closer look.

Test #1: Ergonomics, Vibration And Comfort

With the two 9Ah batteries connected you’d think the AEG would be a bit heavy and hard work to use, but that’s not the case. It’s exceptionally comfortable and easy to control. The handle has a good grip which moulds well to the hand, and the rotating rear handle with three different positions allows for more comfort and more control for different cutting angles. The anti-vibration rear handle and side handle soak up the vibes of the powerful tool, and the grinder can be in use for a long time without user fatigue.

It’s very well balanced, and it feels like there’s excellent control over the tool when in use.


  • 1 x dual 18V AEG brushless 230mm grinde
  • 1 x cutting flange
  • 1 x grinding flange
  • 1 x blade spanner
  • 1 x tool-free cutting guard
  • 1 x tool-free grinding guard
  • 1 x anti-vibration handle

Test #2: Power

For this test we fired up the AEG 230mm grinder with a few different combinations of the FORCE batteries, to see how well it performed.

The AEG runs very well with the single 6Ah battery, but a grinder like this one would usually be doing much heavier-duty cutting. So, when power and runtime is what’s needed, it’s best to fully load it with the double 9Ahs. If all you need to do is a few quick cuts or grinds, then the single 6Ah battery will get you through with ease. It’s just a convenient option to be able to insert a second battery to increase the runtime and power output.

When the AEG starts up you can feel the power from the brushless DC motor. We cut through blocks, bricks and concrete with the diamond blade, then thick plate steel and rebar with the metal disk. When cutting the thick metal plate, I tried to see if I could halt the blade with some harder downward force onto the metal, but I really couldn’t bog it down at all. There’s some serious power here.


  • Brushless DC motor
  • Dual 18V batteries. Use 1 or 2
  • Anti-kickback
  • Electronic brake
  • Rotating rear handle
  • Anti-vibration handles

Test #3: Safety

A grinder this size is usually one of the more dangerous tools to use, so it’s great when they’re packed with safety features like anti-kickback shutdown mode protecting the user from kickbacks, and an electronic brake which will reduce the rundown speed and stop the wheel in seconds. The bigger & thicker the wheel, the longer it will take to stop due to increased inertia. Anti-vibration handles that help reduce fatigue are excellent, and the rotating rear handle to give more control of the tool helps make it a lot safer to use.

There are a couple of different guards supplied as well, with the tool-free grinding guard and the tool-free cutting guard both reducing the amount of potential debris or sparks hitting the user.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

There’s some serious power here.

I was very sceptical at first about the claim of matching corded power, but after using it for a few weeks I have to agree it’s true.

But the biggest thing I haven’t mentioned yet is not having the annoying cord. There’s no extension lead to find or trip over, and there’s no power point to fight over onsite. Just grab a battery (obviously there could be the issue of you forgetting to charge your batteries, but then that’s your fault) and get working in no time. Being more productive, with fewer hassles and the same power as a corded tool?

This is freaking awesome!


  • No-load speed: 5550RPM
  • Disc diameter: 230mm
  • Weight: 4.8kg

For more information visit www.aegpowertools.com.au

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