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AEG Dual 18V 180mm Brushless Angle Grinder

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The AEG Dual 18V 180mm Brushless Angle Grinder has a potent brushless motor that can give you better efficiency and longer runtimes compared to traditional brushed motors.

AEG is pumping out some absolutely beast products of late, and this little power machine is just one more impressive offering. What makes this unit a beast is its dual 18V platform able to run off 1 x 18V Force battery (the unit will not run on 1 x Pro-Lithium), or any 2 x 18V AEG batteries. But to get the ultimate power and run time it is recommended to use 2 x 18V Force batteries. The additional battery will provide up to 50% more power and 2 x runtime, and that is impressive.

Hang on tight. This is one serious piece of gear.


  • Cutting guard
  • Grinding guard
  • Flange set, small and large
  • Pin spanner

Let’s Fire It Up

When using powerful tools, how comfortable the item feels in hand often directly relates to how much precise control you have. AEG seems to get the importance of ergonomics as its tools always seem to fit well.

Over the past few weeks we had the opportunity to get this unit cutting concrete, bricks and metal. But first, let’s play it safe and start with some safety features.

AEG has always prided itself on taking care of its customers and operators. It’s especially important when you are talking about tools that, if not used correctly, have the potential to do some severe damage.

Test #1: Safety Features

Let’s face it, the 9-inch (230mm) grinder is probably one of the most lethal tools onsite if not given the respect it deserves. With the new dual 18V 180mm outfit, AEG has packed in the safety features to make sure you have control of the tool. The anti-kickback protection which will shut the tool down during a kickback event and reduce the risk of injury to yourself or others is usually one of the most significant features for safety. The rotating rear handle allows you to operate the tool at the most comfortable angle, which in turn gives you the most amount of control, no matter what the application. The anti-vibration system also reduces user fatigue, so the user can focus on getting the job done and not worry about not being able to feel their hands. I also really like the safety dead-man switch. It’s very comfortable to operate. Even the tool-free guard adjustments work to make it quick and easy to change the guard angle.

Test #2: Power And Runtime

Using 1 x Force battery the AEG grinder works well, and I would be happy to use it like this for small general applications to save a little weight. When long runtime is not necessary, but manoeuvrability is most important, this is a good option. Runtime is decent, about what you would expect on different applications. It was when we added the second 18V Force battery that it made an excellent impression.

First off, you can notice and feel the extra power, especially when cutting into concrete and bricks. What you will be super impressed with is the dual Force batteries allow massive runtime. It just kept going and going and cuts through concrete like the proverbial hot knife through butter.

  • Dual 18V compatible
  • Best with 2 x Force batteries
  • No load: 6600rpm
  • Weight: 4.8kg
  • Bore size: 22.2mm
  • Disc: 180mm

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The AEG Dual 18V 180mm Brushless Angle Grinder is a beast. Its power-to-weight ratio is very impressive and the 180mm size is convenient, much easier to control and much safer than a 230mm grinder. As more and more sites ban the 230mm units, grinders like this one will be the go-to tool. With the awesome power there’s not going to be a lot you can’t do on this grinder that you would have looked to do with its big brother.

The ergonomics are excellent, making the AEG very comfortable to hold, and the grip is superb, giving precise control of the tool. The switch is also in a very comfortable position and it’s a very well-balanced unit.

The intake vent mesh with sealed electronics will protect the motor from dust and debris and help increase the lifespan of the tool, and there’s plenty of power and runtime. It comes complete with a cutting guard, grinding guard, small flange set and pin spanner.


Overall…it’s awesomely impressive.

For more information visit www.aegpowertools.com.au

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