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AEG’s 18V FUSION reciprocating saw is a pretty powerful piece of gear, sporting AEG’s newest high-performance brushless motor optimised for increased run time and power.

This is combined with a longer stroke length which increases cutting speed by up to 30% compared to the previous AEG brushed model. The 18V FUSION recipro now pumps out a no-load speed of 0-3100 strokes per minute, the developers of this tool harmonized both stroke length and stroke speed and the orbital action to create a highly aggressive and efficient cutting action while keeping vibration down.

The outcome, is a reciprocating saw that cuts tougher, harder material; faster! Built-in features like the bright LED light, tool-free blade changing, ergonomic design and orbital cutting action on/off are just some of the features that make the AEG a pleasure to use.

We recently had the opportunity to put this awesome addition to AEG’s FUSION range through its paces and it didn’t disappoint.


First we found some good, big offcuts off LVL. Then we whacked in a heap of framing nails horizontally. Then we set up the test bench to see how quickly we could get through it.

The cuts were precise, and once into the timber it really got going. Cut after cut the AEG showed no signs of struggle, even when slicing through the half-dozen nails we’d belted into the end of the LVL. We also tested a few cuts into the LVL in the orbital setting and it showed just how well the orbital setting works for more aggressive cutting requirements. I really tried to give this some serious pressure as well. For a few cuts I added a pile of weight onto the saw to see if the motor would struggle. It just powered on, showing complete disregard for my added pressure. This brushless motor has some serious go.


It’s great if it can cut, but if it feels crap in the hand, working with it all day isn’t going to win any one over.

But the AEG felt super comfortable.

The moulded grips felt great in the hand and vibration was minimal. The AEG’s rafter hook is well placed, balanced, and very handy. It safely allows hanging the saw on rafters and timbers. The robust build of the AEG is a huge feature as well. They’re built tough and there was barely a scuff after multiple drops in the drop test and abuse test.


Part of the appeal of the FUSION range from AEG is its tough new design. These tools are made to withstand the rigours of onsite life.

To test this we dropped the saw several times from the scaffolding at ceiling height without the slightest signs of damage. This saw is no lightweight when it comes to rugged toughness, and it’s a great-looking product too.


This is a very solid workhorse and built extremely well. It has plenty of power and a great cutting action for either aggressive or precision cuts. The orbital cutting option allows for better cutting efficiency and really helps chew through some pretty hard materials. The FUSION brushless motor has plenty of power and teamed up with AEG’s FORCE batteries it really has increased power and longer run times.

AEG’s FUSION and FORCE range is creating high-quality trade tools that will be more than comfortable on even the toughest of work sites.

Visit: www.aegpowertools.com.au

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