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AEG 18V Fusion Recip Saw – A18FRS0

by editor

AEG’s latest generation recipro saw (A18FRS0) offers a massive 30% faster cutting compared to the previous BUS18B-0 model, and when you consider the extreme power, runtime and durability, it’s an impressive step forward.

AEG’s FUSION brushless motors and FORCE 18V batteries have been behind AEG’s massive strides forward over the past few years or so, but the power and performance advances haven’t been made at the expense of runtime and reliability. FORCE batteries will go cut-for-cut with any other battery system out there and the range offers excellent choice. With the 3.0Ah FORCE HD, 4.0Ah FORCE, 6.0Ah FORCE and the big-dog 9.0Ah FORCE on offer, depending on weight, comfort and positioning, you can select a battery ideal to suit your task. There’s even a NEW 18V 2.0Ah FORCE battery around the corner!

Looking closely at AEG’s new recip, I liked a few things right from the start, even before picking it up. The oversized rafter hook is excellent, and it’s a great fit in the hands, from the backhand that grips around the trigger to the front hand that controls the cut’s angle and support.

After doing a bit of research on the 18V FUSION Recip Saw, the 30% increase in cutting speed comes from a couple of i n ternal improvements, mai n ly advancements in the FUSION brushless motor and electronics, as well as extreme 3,200SPM and 32mm stroke length. We lined up several materials, from metal to brick and timber, and let the AEG rip at full speed. In every material test, and as you can see from our images, the AEG didn’t miss a beat. The motor didn’t feel or sound like it struggled in any way at any time. We used Kango blades for our various tests, and not only was the cut time impressive, but so was the quality of those cuts.

Speaking of blades, the tool-free blade change is a very welcome and time-saving feature.

The feel of a high-powered saw ties directly into control, and with control comes precision and safety.

The A18FRS0 is designed to fit well into the hand. It’s comfortable to use and easy to control, and that’s a big deal, especially when taking into account the increased cutting speed. No one wants to use a saw that feels like it’s got a mind of its own.

An easy to find and use on/off orbital switch is nicely positioned on top of the saw, and the orbital action, when turned on, provides a more aggressive and faster cut into timber.

Even with the orbital action turned on the operation was comfortable and controlled.

To give the AEG some real worksite perspective we visited the team from Blackcomb Constructions. Chippy Lachie Burt cut through a range of treated pine: 90mmx45mm, 70mmx35mm and a 90mmx90mm post.

“From picking up the saw it felt well balanced and grippy in the hand,” said Lachie. “When cutting through a range of materials in various cutting positions the saw felt strong and performed well. The rubberised grip and ergonomics proved great control and comfort over long periods of use.”

AEG has produced another solid workhorse. Tradies looking for great bang for their buck are going to appreciate it in the biggest possible way. The combination of AEG’s advanced FUSION brushless motors and FORCE batteries has continued to impress. If you haven’t used AEG before, I’d say it’s high time you gave it a try. I’ve put the challenge to many tradies over recent years, and after letting them test various tools beside their existing platforms, nearly every single one had given AEG a thumbs up by the end of the week.

If you would like to take a similar challenge, get in touch with your local AEG onsite specialist who will happily show you the latest and greatest products.

Visit www.aegpowertools.com.au

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