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AEG 18V Brushless Sub Compact Right Angle Drill Skin

by editor

Getting normal drills into restricted spaces has always been a battle. AEG’s 18V Brushless Sub Compact Right Angle Drill offers real power, drilling and fixing capabilities that will open up new uses and solve those hard-to-reach-job headaches. The smaller right-angle body will fit into areas not previously accessible by a traditional drill, allowing faster drilling and the quicker completion of tasks, both onsite and in the workshop.

The key to the success of the tool is the superior overall length and head size, making this 18V Brushless Sub Compact Right Angle Drill Skin the perfect choice for cabinetmakers, installers, mechanics and anyone who has to drill and fix in tight spaces. A common feature of working in small, restricted spaces in low light or even darkness, and AEG’s well-positioned LED sight light illuminates a workspace nicely. Another great feature of tools in AEG’s Sub Compact range is the weight – or lack thereof – of the equipment. Given this right-angle drill skin weighs in at 1.0kg (1.5kg with the new 18V 2Ah battery) it produces impressive results. The deep-set chuck throat made for easy drill-bit setting and changing.

For testing I visited Ben Raymond at his business, Vanwood. Ben and his team fit out vans, busses and the like with cabinetry, beds and even small kitchens and bathrooms, so people can hit the road and live the van life.

When I asked Ben if he had any tight jobs where we could put the right-angle drill to the test, he laughed and led me to several work areas with extremely tight access, including one particular inverter installation.

“This inver ter has been giving us headaches,” Ben explained. “It’s just in such a tight, hidden spot.”

Getting the screw fitted in the tightest, fartop corner had proved impossible with a traditional drill, but the compact 90mm head of the AEG allowed the access needed to fix the final screw in place and secure the inverter perfectly.

Another really tricky access spot was a shower in a bus fitout. The tiny nib wall for the framework had made it impossible to predrill and fix the screw using the conventional gear. “The Sub Compact Right-Angle Drill allowed the task to be completed where my traditional drill would not,” Ben shared.

It’s easy to see the compact size of the right-angle drill and underestimate its power, but the two-speed setting provides excellent low-end torque (42.4Nm at 0RPM to 500RPM) and high-end speed (1900RPM) to give it the drive needed for a wide range of applications. When I asked Ben about ergonomics he said, “The comfort of the tool was also great. It feels like you are in control at all times, allowing for precision work. You will be able to mix it up with penetrations of 38mm into wood and 10mm into steel. The power-to-weight ratio is impressive, and with the belt clip you barely even know it’s there when walking around the workshop.”

The AEG 18V Brushless Sub Compact Right Angle Drill Skin is the perfect tool for working in situations or positions that really can become headaches. Its amazing ability to work in previously near-impossible situations will save a pile of time and frustration. The light weight of the tool is amazing, especially when you use the tool for the first time and experience the power generated from such a small package.

AEG’s Sub Compact Range is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in such a small package.

Visit: www.aegpowertools.com.au

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