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AEG 18V Brushless Sub Compact Reciprocating Saw skin

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The common recipro saw has always been a bit of an allrounder for tradies and has a wider variety of use than any tool out of the various saw types. AEG’s new Sub Compact Reciprocating Saw Skin belongs in that group, but its compact design and powerful performance open it up to even broader use in areas which exclude a traditional recipro.

For things like making fast cuts for demo work, cutting timber, PVC pipes or even tree branches, the power on this sub-compact tool means it punches well above its weight. Another great feature is its ergonomics, which open up the awesome flexibility of one-handed use. Combined with the LED light and sub-compact size, it means great usability working under benches or cabinets, in roofs or under houses.

AEG’s Sub Compact Range is powered by AEG’s 18V-battery line up, meaning you can use all existing batteries when you purchase any of the Sub Compact Range, and if you are buying into the AEG range for the first time your 18V batteries will run everything from work tools, radios and high-pressure tyre inflators to leaf blowers, line trimmers and lawnmowers.

Don’t think just because the Sub Compact range is small in size it’s not made up of serious tradies’ tools. The saw is powered by a sub-compact brushless motor that generates a maximum speed of 3200rpm with a stroke length of 22mm. Another benefit of the Sub Compact recipro I wasn’t expecting was the ultra-low vibration cuts being smoother and more accurate than the recipro’s bigger brother. This saw will have an even greater range of use.

In our test ing we cut sect ions of 90mmx45mm pine, fascia board, 240mm pine and even LVL to really test the thing out. The cuts were clean and precise, and the saw performed to a level I wasn’t expecting from such a small tool.

The ergonomics and grip of the Sub Compact recipro were excellent.

The grip felt perfectly moulded into my hand and offered great control. I used the saw to cut both rugged tree branches and for finer, detailed cuts on plywood to really test the precision and control at both ends of the scale of use. The grip allowed total control, even when using one hand to operate the saw. It was particularly handy cutting branches as I could use one hand to hold the branch in position and the other hand to operate the saw.

This offering from AEG is a great addition to its Sub Compact Range.

It’s going to be well suited to a wide range of tradies due to its small size and excellent performance. We partnered up the recipro with some great performing Kango blades and found the combo worked very well with clean and precise cuts. The Sub Compact tools enjoying the full 18V power of AEG’s FORCE Bat teries mean run time and performance is going to impress even the most demanding user. When you factor in AEG’s excellent warranty program and the availability of purchasing through the AEG Onsite team who will come to you on-site, there’s plenty of good reasons to add this tool to your existing kit.

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