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AEG 18V Brushless Sub Compact Range

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There are so many trades that work in restricted workspaces where traditional 18V battery tools are still just too large. Some tradies simply don’t want to carry the weight of a conventional 18V-battery tool system, particularly when they need to carry multiple 18V tools on their belt for the day.

If that sounds like your work environment, AEG’s 18V Brushless Sub Compact Tool System could be the addition your tool kit needs.

If you are thinking, ‘Oh, yeah. It’s probably 10% lighter at best,’ you are very wrong. AEG’s Sub Compact range has produced tools with brushless motors that are, at a minimum, 45% smaller than their original, comparable 18V tool. Some tools weigh a mere 800 grams without the battery.

But the real bonus of the system is that, unlike other tool companies that offer a 12V battery system, AEG’s Sub Compact range works with AEG’s existing 18V battery systems. That means all previous 18V AEG batteries will work on this new system and you don’t have to invest in yet another battery system. Just plug in your existing AEG 18V batteries (will even work with FORCE and FORCE HD) and get working. And if you’re not on AEG, it means buying these 18V Sub Compact range of tools, means you’ll get a smaller, lighter tool with 18V power and will have access to their fast expanding range of tools.

Here is our initial overview of the four tools released in the Sub Compact range.

For the initial test I set about drilling half a dozen holes straight into structural steel PFC.

I wasn’t sure if the AEG would have the power to do this, but to my delight, it cut through with relative ease.

This impressive little pocket rocket also felt great in the hands. Even with my big bear paws the build quality felt strong. I was even more impressed when I realised it was 23% smaller and 44% lighter than its 18V AEG equivalent. Sporting other features like a 2-speed gearbox with the 24-stage clutch, powerful brushless motor (with 65Nm of torque), LED sight light and all-metal, 13mm keyless chuck, this drill driver will be huge with cabinetmakers and other tradies who need to make pilot holes in timber and metal materials. Weighing in at 950 grams and only measuring 157mm from front to back, this small yet powerful tool is set to impress.

As I mentioned earlier, it had no trouble drilling through the materials I tested it on, including structural steel, LVL and hardwoods.

This little guy packs some serious power. I can see roofers working on metal roofing that needs to be predrilled before driving roofing screws, would love this impact driver. Having to carry two separate tools for the one job would typically mean carrying a pile of extra weight. This driver still has all the necessary power while being 32% lighter and 19% smaller than its equivalent 18V driver.

It also includes features like producing 195Nm of torque, 2900rpm and 4200IPM, LED sight light, 3-speed selection panel, auto bit holder and reversible belt clip and bit holder.

If your daily tasks are suited to these specs, why would you bother carrying that extra load and strain on your body?

In our testing, the tool provided excellent control and ease of use, while still offering plenty of power for driving into a range of metals.

Weighing in at only 800 grams makes this a game-changer.

Cutting PVC, metal, tile, and plasterboard was all a breeze with this very cool little cutoff saw.

It produces an impressive 20,000rpm, which is awesome for its weight of 800 grams. It’s also 44% lighter and 22% smaller than its counterpart in AEG’s 18V line-up. You just can’t argue with those numbers. They are massive reductions.

We cut brick and metal in our tests and the tool handled everything with no issues whatsoever. There is a great tool-free, adjustable upper guard and a wire guide for increased stability and level cuts.

Sporting a ½-inch square friction ring to mount sockets and attachments, this little beast has 3 speeds and one auto-tight setting for complete control. Coming in at an impressive 26% smaller and 19% lighter, along with an LED sight light, reversible belt clip and powerful brushless motor which provides a significant 305Nm of breakaway torque, you will be loving the reduced weight and size, but loving the power of this impact wrench even more.

The bottom line with a new range like this is that it has been designed to suit specific applications, to reduce weight and fatigue, and to allow work in restricted and tight areas where traditional power tools are too large. This range will exceed expectations of those looking for these weight and size requirements.

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