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AEG 18V Brushless Multifunction Tool

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AEG’s 18V Brushless Multi Function Tool. Well up to the challenges everyday tradies will throw at it.

AEG 18V Brushless Multi Function Tool When you’re looking for precision detail work from a compact yet powerful and easy-to-control tool, AEG has the answer with its latest Multi Function Tool.

Don’t be fooled by the slimline package and minimal, 1.11kg weight. This offering has power beyond its size which will make it a convenient addition to just about any tradie’s kit.

Granted you might not be using it every day, but when the right scenario arrives this multi will be just the tool you’re looking for.

To rattle off some features: the 18V brushless motor packs a real punch; the variable speed control ramps up to 20,000 oscillations per minute – that’s some significant cutting and sanding speed; and a very nicely designed tool-free blade-change system will have you swapping blades in literally half the time.

Included in the box is a convenient 14-piece accessory kit to cover the most common tasks, like sanding detail work, cutting pipes or conduits, or cutting off any protruding nails from framework. The unit also has a bright, LED sight light for working in low-light conditions and, in an exciting addition, the tool is compatible with the OMNI head range. That means you can remove the Multitool head and replace it with either a recipro head, jigsaw head or right-angle drill head.

It’s even more multi-purpose than I first realised.

What’s In The Box

1 18V BL Multi Tool

1 Belt hook

1 Plunge cut blade

1 Flush cut blade

1 Sanding pad

10 Sanding paper

1 Universal accessory adaptor

Test #1: Tight Areas

My dear Aunty Roz passed away and left me a beautiful old timber chessboard. It had weathered substantially but would come back to life with a bit of good test of the AEG’s handling of detailed precision work.

The triangular sanding pad was the perfect tool to get into the corner details and engraving of the board edges, as well as the actual chess pieces. I went nonstop for between 15 and 20 minutes doing the whole top of the chessboard and the carved sides. The AEG did get a little hot on the sanding pad, which was to be expected, but the grunty little performer didn’t miss a beat. Handling and manoeuvring into the detailed sections were excellent.

Test #2: Cutting

The first test had more than shown how well the AEG performed with fine detail work. Now it was time to ramp up the intensity and see if it had the muscle. I made my way around the worksite, removing any protruding nails from studs and nogs in the framework. Then I put the plunge and straight-cut blades to work and sliced through a dozen or so more nails in no time at all. Next was a copper pipe which proved to be no problem at all, and finally, I tidied up some foam insulation which had a fairly rough edge. The clean-cut was very tidy indeed.

Even though the foam wasn’t ever going to be a challenge, the speed and quality of the cut through the nails and copper pipe proved the Multi Function Tool had a lot to offer.

Test #3: Tool-Free Blade Change

I’m a massive fan of tool companies moving past the requirement to use a tool to remove blades. AEG’s tool-free system is pretty smart. The user only has to slide a lever forward, then turn it 180 degrees to release the locking mechanism. It takes about two seconds. From there the operator swaps blades and reverses the locking process before getting back to work. It is a fast and solid system that significantly reduces the time previously required to swap blades.

  • 18V brushless motor
  • Variable speed up to 20,000opm
  • 14-piece accessories included
  • LED sight light
  • Compatible with the OMNI Head range

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The compact and ergonomic slimline design of the AEG 18V Brushless Multi Function Tool feels fantastic in the hand. With its light weight it’s a versatile and powerful little performer that’s well up to the challenges everyday tradies will throw at it. It more than impressed during our testing in the precision, power and quick-change categories. It’s easy to control, especially in precision detail work, and the OMNI Head range is a great inclusion.

The separately sold recipro saw, jigsaw and right-angle drill head would make great additions.

For more information visit www.aegpowertools.com.au

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