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40 teams f rom al l over Austria staged an aviation spectacle with their selfdesigned ‘aircraft’ at Red Bull Flugtag in October 2021.

The pilots jumped off a ramp and tried to fly, or at least glide for some distance, before plummeting into the beckoning peril of the Danube River. As it turned out, the only distance most of them did was the six metres from the platform edge into the drink, and then however far they sank entangled in the wreckage of their mardi gras float – which didn’t float, by the way – gasping for air and desperately hoping the energy drink would give them wings. Preferably water wings. Fast.

Each crew of one pilot and three crew members had 30 seconds to present themselves and their craft before plummeting to their aquatic asphyxia. At the end of the day, Team Die Flügelmütter from Gross in Lower Austria took the win, Team Spaceburgers from Upper Austria managed second, and third went to Team Hut ab from Styria.

We don’t know which team this was, but it looks like they’re about to take one up the corn fritter.

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