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A Day in the Life of a Navy Technician

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Tradie in the Navy

In the Feb/March 2015 issue we spoke with Adam Renfree who gave us a firsthand glimpse into what it’s like to be a tradie in the Australian Defence Force.

In this second instalment, we delve a little deeper to give you a lens into “a day in the life” of Navy Marine Trade Technicians, Aimee Campbell and Dave Finney, who challenge the rumour that life as an ADF tradie is a regular gig. Of course, their day-to-day when ashore is pretty much like you and me. However, what’s not routine is the incredible diversity of equipment and machinery you work on.

WTW: So what’s the role of a Marine Technician in the Navy?
Aimee: ‘Technician in the Navy Marine Technicians uphold the engineering integrity of the ship, keep the ship running whilst it’s at sea and perform maintenance, and keep a watch on all the operational engineering systems.’
Dave: ‘You operate, maintain and drive everything from propulsion to power generation and power distribution.’

WTW: Tell us about the cutting-edge technology.
Aimee:  ‘Some of the engines I’ve worked on are as big as large trucks, and that for me, is the most exciting part.’
Dave: ‘The most exciting aspect of my job is being in charge of all said machinery.’

WTW: What qualifications have you received?
Aimee: ‘I’ve received a trade in Engineering, and now, I’m a Mechanical Fitter.’
Dave: ‘I have a Diploma in Engineering and a Certificate IV in Electrical Engineering.

WTW: Tell us about some of the benefits and day-to-day stuff that happens when ashore.
Aimee: ‘When we’re living ashore, we do get benefits that help pay for our housing which is such a bonus.’
Dave: ‘The ADF pays my rent, and I have free medical and dental.’

WTW: So life in the Navy is an unbelievable experience?
‘ I would say to a young person that a trade role in the Navy is a true life experience.’
Dave : ‘I’ve travelled so far with the Navy, I can’t even count the countries anymore. I’ve been to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Micronesia, and Guam… The list goes on. You can go on a deployment not knowing anyone, and within a few weeks, you’ll forge mate-ships that last a lifetime.’

Life at Sea and Ashore

Defence Force Ashore Lifestyle

Navy life is characterised by two distinct periods: life at sea and life ashore. Depending on your job, you’ll probably spend about equal time between the two.

A typical day ashore is like any other tradie. Life at sea is where the normal day-to-day routine morphs into a world of adventure and experience.

And Lots of Leave…

You’ll find that in the Navy you get more time off than you get in most other jobs.

You’ll have a basic annual leave entitlement of four weeks per year, which will increase to six when you are posted to a sea-going vessel. You may also be entitled to five extra days recreational leave.

If you are interested in becoming a Trade Technician call 13 19 01 or visit Defence Jobs Australia

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