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4WDriving Kosciuszko National Park

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High Plains and Deep Valleys

The northern realms of Kosciuszko National Park might not be die-hard 4WD territory, but there’s still some great dirt track touring, fabulous scenery, poignant history and good fishing.

The track abruptly changed direction as we worked our way along the edge of Tollbar Ridge and parallel to Middle Creek in the heart of the Australian Alps, within the northern realms of Kosciuszko National Park.

The route had started easily enough as we left the main Snowy Mountains Highway and travelled across rolling snow plains, lightly garnished with snow gums, and taller, more impressive stringy barks.

The northern route to the historic town site of Ravine, is suitable for 2WD as it passes the old Jounama homestead site, but the main access track begins to degenerate into a 4WD route when is crosses the Creek Coppermine trail.


Heading North

Heading north from Kiandra on the highway, we spotted big mobs of feral horses grazing unconcerned on the surrounding snow plains, before stopping to camp at what was Yarrangobilly Village. This is a magic spot and we only had one or two neighbours for the nights we were there. The old town, established in 1889, was once the epicentre for the pastoralists, miners and foresters who lived in and around the area.

Do yourself a favour, pack your swag, and pay a visit to the High Plains and Deep Valleys of the Australian Alps. You won’t be disappointed.

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