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3M Peltor Protective Communications

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Clear communication is key to helping keep work teams safe and productive, especially in loud environments or around heavy machinery. 3M helps workers hear what they need to with a spectrum of communication solutions designed with safety in mind.

Comfort is key too. That’s why 3M design products for all-day, everyday use, and with advanced noise-canceling headsets and microphones, teams stay connected even in loud environments.

Protective Communication Solutions protects the wearer from high-noise environments while allowing them to communicate. This can improve productivity, prevent workers from feeling isolated and allow them to hear important warning signals and alarms without the need to remove their hearing protection. 3M PELTOR is a global leader in providing communication and active-listening headsets for use in hazardous, high-noise environments. Protect your ears and protect your profits. You can’t afford to stand around talking – or worse yet, jogging away to a quiet location. Think how much more productive you could be with the new 3M PELTOR WS ALERT XPI hearing protection headset.

Turn your hearing protection into a communications center. Connect one or two devices via Bluetooth MultiPoint Technology and converse at a normal volume, even in noisy environments, with the noise-canceling microphone.

Contact a 3M Safety Specialist for more information or visit the website at www.3m.com.au

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