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3M™ Peltor™ EEP-100 Intelligent Electronic Earplug

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Compact hearing protection with active listening helps protect your hearing and can help improve situational awareness and communications onsite. These intelligent, high-fidelity electronic earplugs allow natural hearing when sound levels are safe.

They automatically protect from loud, sustained sound; the system reacts so gently you rarely hear the impulse noise as the protection is activated. Just like the other level-dependent hearing protectors from 3M, the EEP- 100 also enhances your hearing, increasing your ability to communicate, as well as hearing warning signals and approaching vehicles.

The small and lightweight design helps improve the overall comfort and user experience and makes it compatible with most head-worn 3M personal safety equipment (PPE) such as helmets and face shields.

They’re ideal for users who need to be aware of their surroundings in noisy environments, as well as loud impulse noises. They can also be used in most industrial applications where earmuffs may not be compatible with worn PPE.

Rechargeable via a USB jack on the charging case, the case also provides easy and convenient storage of the earpieces when not being used.


  • Helps provide hearing protection via replaceable eartips
  • Level-dependent function (for situational awareness)
  • Noise suppression (loud-impact noise protection to 82dB)
  • Intuitive one-button operation
  • Rechargeable via USB charging case (IP54)
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Compatible with most head-worn 3M PPE, such as helmets and face shields.

For more information contact your 3M Distributor or representative.

You can also call customer service on 1800 245 002 (Australia), or email [email protected]

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