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3M™ P100 Full Body Harness Range

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Quality and safety for workers.

Full-body harnesses are genuine working tools that allow you to get on with your job without worrying about safety. That’s why the all-new, redesigned and upgraded 3M™ P100 Full-Body Harness Range offers a choice of harnesses for every possible working environment, from general construction to tower work. With the new generation of 3M P100 harnesses you get comfort, convenience and a sleek modern look at an affordable price.

Available in a variety of styles and configurations, these new harnesses have enhanced features, including water- and stain-resistant webbing, auto-resetting lanyard keepers as well as softer and more durable hip padding.

The P100 range has features suitable for many different situations. The harnesses are great for working at height onsite – scaffolding, felling trees, roofing, to name a few.

The 3M™ P100 raises the bar, not the price.


Buckle Options

  • Pass Through for simple, safe connection

Chest Strap

  • Optimum position for connection to lanyards and systems
  • Keeps connectors out of the user’s face.

Spring-Loaded Torso Adjusters

  • Spring-loaded grip bar ensures no webbing slippage
  • Easier to adjust with pull-down adjustment

Webbing Management

  • Spare torso webbing stored through hip strap
  • All stitch blocks are away from the body for greater comfort

Contrasting Leg & Chest Strap

  • Reduces donning time

Large Rear D-Ring

  • Easier to connect, increased safety
  • Can be used for rescue

Protected Labels

  • Protective Velcro® sealed pouch
  • Ensures easy identification and inspection

For more information contact your 3M Fall Protection Specialist or customer service on 1800 245 002 (Australia), or email [email protected]

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