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Bosch Blue launches its most versatile tool yet

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The GDX 18 V-LI Professional with combined hexagon/square tool holder features:

  • Impact driver featuring a combined hex/square tool holder
  • Enables comfortable work without kick-back
  • Offers high torque and high speed

In October 2012, Bosch Blue will launch one of the most versatile tools on the market – the GDX 18 V-LI Professional, which is the first impact driver to feature a combined hexagon/square tool holder.

Boasting high performance capability combin

ed with compact design, the GDX 18 V-LI Professional will hit the market as part of Bosch Blue’s 18V range, offering professional tradesmen unparalleled flexibility. Designed to hold both ¼” hex screw bits and ½”  sockets, the tool caters for all connec­tions in installation, metal and wood construction.

Gone are the days of fiddling with adapters and switching from one tool to another – with the GDX 18 V-LI Professional, all that’s required is a simple accessory change. This means that electricians, for example, can lay large cable trays as well as install plug sockets with the one tool. Sockets for large screw connections can be replaced in seconds with hex bits for smaller screw connections.

Quick, comfortable work without kick-back

The tool’s impact driver works without recoil. When the ½” external socket bit is used, the GDX 18 V-LI Professional offers a maximum torque of 180 new­ton meters. This enables screws of up to 16 mm in diameter to be quickly and powerfully tightened or loosened.

When the ¼” internal hexagon is used, the tool is only 166 mm long, weighing 1.6 kilograms with a 1.3 Ah battery, and 1.8 kilograms with a 3.0 Ah battery. This makes it perfect for working overhead and in tight spaces.

The impact driver also sits comfortably in the hands thanks to integrated soft-grip inserts. If work needs to be interrupted, the tool’s clip easily attaches to all tool belts.

The GDX 18 V-LI Professional is powered by an 18 volt lithium-ion battery. Bosch Blue’s Flexible Power System offers two battery versions per voltage class: the 3.0Ah Premium battery with 3.0 ampere hours for exceptionally long battery runtime and the smaller, lighter 1.3 Ah Compact battery.

Bosch GDX 18V-LI Professional;

Professional/ Premium battery
Battery capacity 3.0 Ah
No-load speed 0 – 2800 rpm
Rated impact rate 0 – 3200 bpm
Tool holder ¼”-internal hexagon and

½”-external square

Max. Torque (hard screw driving applications)
¼”-internal hexagon
½”-external square
160 Nm
180 Nm
Screw diameter
¼”-internal hexagon
½”-external square
M6 – M14
M6 – M16
Weight including battery 1.8 kg
Comes complete with


2 x 3.0 Ah batteries
0-minute charger


Specifications GDX 18 V-LI Professional
Comes complete with


Carton, without battery and charger


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