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1 of 5 LENOX SPEED SLOT Mini Hole Saw Kits to be won!

by admin

Everyone has experienced the frustration of using a holesaw and struggling to remove plugs after making a cut. Enter the LENOX SPEED SLOT® Hole saw. This awesome setup enables simple plug removal using a three-phase staircase system.

WTW tested the SPEED SLOT® last year with a few Tradie Tough Tests and found that not only were the plugs a breeze to remove but the holesaws were excellent performers chomping quickly through LVL and 8mm steel, leaving holes as clean as an OCD sufferer’s kitchen bench. Check out the video below.

LENOX attribute this cutting speed and cleanliness to a non-binding coating ensuring less friction, while a thin kerf design cuts less material and results in a longer lifespan of the blade.

The SPEED SLOT® pairs with a SNAP-BACK arbor which allows quick holesaw change without requiring tools and prevents the thread from stripping by driving the saw through locking pins.

WTW has five LENOX SPEED SLOT® Mini Hole Saw Kits to give away to readers. These compact kits keep things organised and are easy to transport and store – fitting into any tool bag or box. Each kit contains six SPEED SLOT® Hole Saws (25, 32, 35, 38, 51, 64mm) and two SNAP-BACK  arbors and is valued at $150

To win one of these awesome little kits, email [email protected] and tell us which brand makes the SPEED SLOT® system. Entries close 30 September 2013.


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