Malco Aviation ‘Mini’ Snips

Updated: May 7, 2020

With an overall length of only 181mm, the Malco AVsMini easily goes to work in tight or awkward spaces where full-size aviation snips are challenged.

A 19mm length of cut provides the optimum speed for confined cutting applications where this small, manoeuvrable snip excels. Each snip is made with forged steel jaws that contain precision-ground serrations on the lower blade, which produces a sharply defined edge for cutting accuracy and control.

The AVsMini AVM6 left cutting offset and AVM7 right cutting offset design provides superior material flow in 0.61mm (24-gauge) cold rolled and 0.71mm galvanised steel for making sharp, square cuts, tight 125mm diameter circles and straight-line cuts, even on curved surfaces. Soft, non-slip grip contours and an easily accessible handle opening complement the natural power stroke of any size hand. The torsion-spring-actuated, hardened steel-core handles will not pinch or collapse, and a self-opening handle latch will not catch on material or accidentally close.

RRP A$49.00.

For more information, please call 1300 883 520 or email [email protected].