Diablo New Carbide Hole Saws And Arbour System

Updated: November 7, 2019

Diablo’s new high-performance carbide hole saws deliver faster cutting performance and increased productivity – unlike anything on the market.

The latest carbide hole saws provide 50x longer life and 20x faster-cutting speed compared to standard bi-metal hole saws, with 60mm cutting depth for 40% deeper holes in one pass. One hole saw has versatile use and can be used in an assortment of tough materials such as nail-embedded wood, sheet metals, cast iron, stainless steel, bricks, aluminium and compressed-fibre cement, plus more. Diablo is launching diameter sizes from 25mm up to 76mm.

The range is further enhanced with Diablo’s SnapLock Plus arbour hole-saw system and mandrel, designed to simplify the attachment process between the tool and hole saw, with a tool-free plug-ejection process for fast and efficient hole-saw mounting.

The SnapLock Plus mandrel system fits all Diablo hole saws, as well as other standard hole saws. This system accessory complements the efficiency and time-saving features of the Diablo hole saws, allowing quick and easy hole-saw cup changes, with no downtime and maximum job performance.

Diablo’s pilot drill bits support the accuracy of the hole-drilling process for precise work, eliminating the likelihood of rework. The pilot drill bits are available for all applications, including:

  • HSS-G, used for wood, nail-embedded wood, plastics, aluminium and sheet metals
  • Cobalt, used for mild steel, cast iron and stainless steel, and
  • Tungsten carbide, used for soft tiles, cast iron, bricks and compressed-fibre cement.

The SnapLock Plus mandrels and pilot drill bits are each available individually.

For further information and to discover the rest of the Diablo range, please visit www.diablotools.com.au