Excalibur Extractor Nail Pliers

Updated: July 12, 2019

The Excalibur Extractor Nail Pliers are the easiest and fastest way to pull exposed-headed or smoothed-body nails, carpet nails, tacks, staples, rusty or damaged fasteners and pneumatic fasteners, in one single, easy motion.

The patented Excalibur Extractor Nail Pliers are simple but effective, and feature parallel auto-locking jaws with serrated teeth. The long and nonslip cushion-grip handles give greater leverage and the curved heel dramatically reduces any damage to the surface.

No more snapping or shearing from using traditional front-end nippers, claw hammers and other grippers.[/colored_box]

They are ideal for the removal of tacks from carpet-edging strips during carpet replacement.

Excalibur Extractor Nail Pliers can even be used to pull fasteners through trims and mouldings in restoration work and remodelling.

For more information visit www.excaliburtools.com