Updated: April 1, 2014

Why? The What Tradies Want official research panel.
Yes that’s right, as Tradies we are important and as part of our role as the voice for Tradies, WTW is going to establish the first ever* Tradie research panel.
Put simply, we are looking for around 200 willing participants to form our VIP Tradie Research Panel. As part of our panel you will get free stuff whenever we decide to ask you a few questions, which will be not very often.
There is only 1 prequisite. You have to be a Tradie and actively practicing your profession.
So if you are interested email [email protected] to register. Note: Personal details received will be strictly confidential and will not under any circumstances be shared with third parties.
Get on board! And YES! FREE STUFF! We want to give you free stuff if you participate.