Updated: April 7, 2014
Dulux Metalshield

Dulux Metalshield

With over 20 years experience under their belts supplying high-quality paints and products to both industry professionals and domestic use, Dulux has put their R&D to good use to launch their new Metalshield range.
The Metalshield range is available in a wide variety of primers aimed at protecting varying metal surfaces, while they also have a large range of top coat colours to help you achieve the finish you’re looking for. To make it even more hassle-free, Dulux has multiple applications. The Ultimate range is aimed at the professionals and is an industrial-type system with ultimate protection against corrosion and advanced protection against UV light, salt and water.
The Epoxy Enamel Convenient range requires no primer for new or unpainted steel and iron. It has outstanding protection abilities and being epoxy, it allows you to tint over 1000 colours from the Dulux Colour Well.
The hand-held spray-pack cans form the easy range and provide a fuss-free approach, in a range of colours for easy application.
Of course, none of this works if you don’t know how to use it, but Dulux have you covered there with online tutorials on their website on how to achieve the best results when painting metal surfaces. If
you want to check out the hints and tips or the range of paints on offer, head to