Bosch Blue launches its ‘Power and Protection’ series of safety angle grinders

Updated: April 23, 2013

Bosch Blue’s new generation range of safety angle grinders now combine the high level protection you need with the power you want

– Extremely safe: restart protection, kickback stop and vibration control
– Powerful: all models feature up to 1,500 Watts of power
– Flexible: the right model for every application

As work sites demand increasingly rigorous standards of work safety, it’s essential that tradesmen equip themselves with the right tools to protect them when working.
Bosch Blue has recently launched the ‘Power and Protection’ series – a new range of angle grinders that boasts exceptional safety features, making it easier for tradesmen to satisfy the growing demands of work safety.
The ‘Power and Protection’ series comprises four 5” models, which add to the extensive range of 5” to 9” safety grinders. The new generation models are also available in Dead Man Switch options.
• GWS 12-125 CI 125mm angle grinder features constant speed electronics, ergonomic straight back handle, starting current limitation, KickBack Stop, Restart & Overload protection and variable speed.

• GWS 15-125 CI 125mm angle grinder features Dead Man Switch, KickBack Stop, Anti vibration front handle and Restart & Overload protection.

• GWS 15-125 CIT 125mm angle grinder features Dead Man Switch, Torque control, KickBack Stop, Anti vibration front handle and Restart & Overload protection.

• GWS 15-125 CIE 125mm angle grinder features Dead Man Switch, KickBack Stop, Anti vibration front handle, Restart & Overload protection and Electronic speed control.
These latest angle grinders guarantee consistent performance even in the toughest of applications, such as cutting steel pipes and profiles to length, removing welded seams, deburring molded parts, or cutting stone and tiles. They’re particularly useful for tradesmen working in refineries, cranes, on oil platforms, major construction and steel construction sites, as well as in ships, tanks and container constructions – industries with high work safety standards.
Some of the key safety features of the new angle grinders include:
Dead Man Switch
• A specifically designed easy-to-use switch, which shuts the grinder off once the switch is released.

• Unlike conventional deadman switches, Bosch Blue’s Dead Man switch is designed to operate over the entire length of the handle, regardless of where it’s being held i.e., front, back or middle. As a result, the user is guaranteed complete control over the tool, even when working in awkward positions.

KickBack Stop
• A safety feature similar to ABS, which detects if the tool is jammed, immediately switching the grinder off.

Restart & Overload protection
• Prevents the grinder from restarting automatically after a power cut, ensuring that the user is protected. The grinder will need to be switched on again to continue working.

Vibration Control – Anti vibration handle
• A patented vibration dampening system.
• Bosch Vibration Control is based on the separation of the handle from the body of the tool – this effectively dampens vibrations felt through the body of the tool by the user. By reducing vibration levels, the Bosch Vibration Control system allows for extended periods of use and thereby higher productivity.

Electronic speed control
• Speed pre-selection for adjusting to suit any application. Multi-position locking guard – Anti vibration handle.
• A patented vibration dampening system.

Constant electronics
• Power booster for heavy loads ensures constant speed.
All models boast between 1,200 – 1,500 Watts of power to enable fast work. They also feature a tool-free adjustable protective guard, ergonomic design and large spindle lock button for quick and easy accessory changes.

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